Monday, February 1, 2016

Sending Your Students Valentines in Classroom OneNote

I've been a long-term OneNote user, but this is my first semester using Classroom OneNote with my students. 4 weeks in and I'm in love--well, actually, Classroom OneNote had me at hello  Help I'm Sick the FIRST Week of School. When you start thinking about going paper-free, this is the absolutely the MOST pain-free way to go because you can take all of your paper resources and print them right to Classroom OneNote. Students are then able to type right over top of the form in their own Notebook. It's true that a flat, printed resource won't be as engaging as some of the moveable and interactive lesson that I'm currently building, but as a way to jump into the digital learning scene as quickly as possible, this is the way to go.

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So far we've been doing all work and no play with our notebooks, but I also want to use them for fun too! This Valentine's Day I plan on giving out digital valentines for my sweet students. I teach high schoolers, so I can just imagine the eye-rolls I will get with these puns, but I know that deep down they will love them. :)

It's SUPER easy to send these to students in Classroom OneNote. All you have to do is open a PowerPoint with the cards, copy a slide from the PowerPoint and paste it right into the spot you want it in their notebook. I'm thinking about doing a scavenger hunt with these. Such as, "To get your Valentine Day candy, you will need to find your Valentine's Day card first. Go to the place where we worked out the epic hero traits of Beowulf."

Doble click the image to enlarge directions: 

You can make your own valentines in PowerPoint, or you can check mine out here:

Here's to Classroom OneNote love! 
XOXO, Ashley 

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